06 June 2009

Pack of Wild Squid

I have no idea why, but today I was plagued by squids!
In pairs, in shoals, these curious cephalopods cruised all around me.

There was this pair that seemed to be doing the Synchronised Squid thing.
Matching one another in both posture.
And shape.
As well as body pattern!

This pair wasn't as accomplished.
Squids, cuttlefishes and octopuses are cephalopods and they can change their body patterns and colours in an instant. Here's a group displaying different shades of black and yellow.
They do this by changing the shape of little sacs of colours within their bodies.
They can also create different patterns!
I've seen these squids, also in schools, on Pulau Semakau near the coral reefs. They have a habit of holding their tentacles in a V-shape.
They are probably Pencil squids (Family Loliginidae).

Like other cephalopods, they can squirt ink when they are alarmed.
The ink stays in a squid-like shape and doesn't disperse in the water. There were several of these blobs floating in the water.

While cute and fascinating at first, after a while, they just got bothersome. There's only so many photos you can take of squids.
And they got in the way when I tried to take photos of other marine life.

Towards the end of the trip, when I met up with Ivan, I came across this humungous squid.
It must have been 30cm long!

I have no idea why there were so many squids today. Are they getting ready to mate?

Or why they kept following me around. Perhaps my torch?

Wow, our shores sure are surprising!

Today, I also saw lots of fishes, a humungous slug and more!


  1. they are SO CUTE. also tasty-looking. probably the torch, that's how fishermen go squid fishing after all. maybe they thought you were big momma squid and they were all performing courtship dances for you. creepy thought XD

  2. Yeah, that's quite a creepy thought if squids find me attractive. Haha.

    I think they are too cute, with their big eyes and curious nature. Makes me reconsider eating sotong. Sigh.

  3. alas i have to agree with liana that they look yummy but it's like eating puppies. argh! it's really a pity that we've been conditioned to find all kinds of seafood delicious-looking. it's definitely a cultural thing since not all humans find these slimey sea creatures delicious :) oh woe~



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