06 June 2009

Wacky Webby Spiders on World Environment Day

Yesterday, some die hard spider enthusiasts gathered for the Leafmonkey Workshop featuring Marcus Ng as our Spider Speaker to present on "Get Web with Singapore Spiders".
There were all kinds of toy spiders big and small. For participants (also in various ranges) to play with during the event.

I came a bit late and was just in time to see the tail end of a really hilarious clip that Marcus shared about spiders, and for November's introduction of the event.
Then we webbed straight into the spidery things.

But first, Marcus explains what are NOT spiders. Such as these bizarre creatures that are neither scorpions nor spiders! They are tiny but can be commonly seen if we look carefully.
And then there are these EWW-inducing ticks. Disgusting creatures indeed.
He then shared about some of the common spiders that we might encounter. Such favourites as the delightful jumping spiders.
As well as some less familiar spiders. Wow, we have native tarantulas in Singapore! These are small and secretive and rarely seen.
In addition to lots of interesting and amusing facts, Marcus also gave helpful tips on how to look for spiders. As well as how to photograph them without hurting ourselves, the spider or the environment.
There was a lively Q&A after that, with lots of interesting information shared by participants too.

Then it was time to do some WORK. After all, it is a WORKshop. At first, November wanted to scrap the first activity in view of lack of time, but by popular demand, we played it anyway.

It's Spider Charades! Can you guess what spider this is?
Hands go up instantly to give the right answer!

And how about this one?
Well, I guess you had to be there, and to see the helping words. There were crab-movements, and other gestures, although fortunately, no one had to make the 'dung' movements for the rest of the groups to instantly guess the spider.

After the fun, it was time to get serious and discuss ways to share about spiders with ordinary people. So that they can better appreciate and understand these little creatures. We have to think of an analogy, a joke and insert a message into our presentation!

While some groups are seriously discussing their presentation, some of us are more involved in playing with the soft toy spiders.
We can't resist giving Marcus a poke with the Big Spider.
Team "Tiny But Toxic" had great fun sharing a smelly little spider with kids. Seems like the best way to reach out to the young ones is through young ones!
Even the toy spiders are fascinated by the presentations by the teams!
With lots of enthusiastic ideas and approaches, we all learnt something from one another!

One of the things we learnt is that spiders are delicate.
Oops, Liana's spider magnet lost its head. We hope a little lick of superglue will fix it. Sorry Liana!!

Rudi (behind the green bag) brought an actual spider for us to take a look at!
He works in the horticultural field and sees lots of spiders! Thanks Rudi!

At the end of the activities, we add up the points for a winning team! (The Tarantula Team was shut down due to some people having to leave early).
But in the end I think we all won! And had a very meaningful and enjoyable World Environment Day. Thank you November and Marcus and everyone at the event!

Join the next workshop where November will share all about Pulau Ubin!

3 Jul 2009 . 7pm - 10pm
Pulau Ubin Stories: History and Geography
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