08 November 2008

Pulau Ubin as test bed for 'green energy'

Pulau Ubin is the location of Chek Jawa and is our last unspoilt 'kampung' island.
The Energy Market Authority (EMA) yesterday announced plans to turn Pulau Ubin into a model 'green island' powered entirely by clean and renewable energy. EMA sees the project as boosting Singapore's ambition to be a global test-bedding site for new energy technologies.

Plans are to look into testing solar, wind, marine, biomass (such as solid waste and algae), biodiesel and bioethanol, hydrogen and fuel cells, microturbine, the energy management system for the micro-grid, and substations.

A tender for a consultancy study has been called, and the project will be awarded later this month. The six-month study, slated for completion in May, will look at how much energy is needed by residents on the 10 sq km island, and the most cost-effective combination of renewable energy technologies that can be used.

EMA said that it will look into 'both the technical and commercial viability of the options proposed, while giving due consideration to economic, environmental and social costs and benefits'.

Depending on the study's outcome, it could be followed by development of actual infrastructure to create a micro-grid system - or small scale power supply network - on the island. The project will be situated near the Ubin jetty.

All the 100 inhabitants on the 110 sq km island, including small businesses, currently run their own diesel- powered generators to generate electricity. They are not connected to the mainland electricity grid.

Full articles on the wildsingapore news blog.

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