08 November 2008

High rainfall expected in Malaysia in Dec and Jan: impact on Singapore shores

Higher than usual rainfall expected in January and December has been forecast by the Malaysian Meteorology Department. In responses, the Malaysian government has set up 4,595 flood evacuation centres and other facilities. Full reports on the wildsingapore news blog.

What does this mean for Singapore shores in the North?

In early 2007, there was mass deaths on Chek Jawa following massive flooding in Johor.
20070120 d7645
Large numbers of carpet anemones, sea cucumbers, sea stars, sponges and other marine life were found dead on the shores.
Chek Jawa lies at the mouth of the Johor River that drains through Johor. Huge inflows of freshwater from the River that lasts for days or weeks can severely impact intertidal marine life on Chek Jawa. Media reports and related blog posts of this event.

In late October flood warnings were issued for East Johor.

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