27 November 2008

Another oil rig parked off Pulau Semakau: 'Aban Pearl'

The 'Aban Pearl' is a semi-submersible rig. According to rigworker.com this is a floating drilling unit with pontoons and columns that, when flooded with seawater, cause the pontoons to submerge to a predetermined depth. Although it is moved by wave action, it sits low with a large part of its structure under water. This, combined with eight huge mooring anchors, make it a very stable installation and the preferred choice for exploring deep water wells. There can be over one hundred people on board. This type of rig is used to drill a hole in the seabed then moving to the next location. There is often an urgency to get things done quickly. With advancing technology some semi submersibles can drill in water depths over five thousand feet.

Here's what it looks like during the TeamSeagrass trip on 13 Dec 08.

Oil Rig "Aban Pearl" at Raffles Reserved Anchorage
from Port Marine Notice No. 208 of 2008 dated 26 Nov 08

With effect from 03 Dec 2008 to 22 Dec 2008, 24 hours daily including Sundays and Public Holidays, at Raffles Reserved Anchorage (ARAFR) (See attached plan)

The work on the oil rig entails anchor chain installation, commissioning works, familiarisation, crew change and preparation for sailing. Four (4) anchors will be laid to hold the “ABAN PEARL” in position within the working area. Buoys are in position to mark the anchors. The safety boat will be in attendance during the entire period of stay of the oil rig at the anchorage. Further enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr William Tay, at Tel 91142005 or email:williamtay@frankmarine.com.sg

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