27 November 2008

Drilling and blasting close to Cyrene Reef until Feb 09

Drilling and blasting will be carried out in the area marked in red near Cyrene Reef.Dredging has been ongoing in this area since Jul 08 and will continue until May 09.
In addition to the dredging, the drilling and the blasting, the massive construction for the Pasir Panjang Container Port extension is also near Cyrene Reef.

Underwater drilling and blasting at Selat Pandan
from Port Marine Notice No. 209 of 2008 dated 26 Nov 08

With effect from 1 Dec 2008 to 28 Feb 2009, at Selat Pandan (see attached plan)
Drilling will be carried out 24 hours daily, including Sundays and Public
Holidays. Blasting works will be carried out during the following periods, except for Sundays and Public Holidays:

(i) 0830 hours to 1030 hours;
(ii) 1200 hours to 1400 hours;
(iii) 1630 hours to 1830 hours.

Drilling and blasting will be carried out from the barge “Eng Tou 260” (SR 2722 G) which will be positioned within the working area. The following safety procedures and warning signals will be adopted for each blasting operation:

(a) All personnel will be evacuated from the danger zone prior to the blasting operations;
(b) Red flags and warning signs “Blasting in progress” will be erected to warn mariners;
(c) Police Coast Guard craft/ safety boats will cordon off the working area;
(d) “Sinki/ West Control” will issue navigational warning on VHF Ch 68;
(e) Three (3) prolonged blasts on the whistle will be sounded 15 minutes before the commencement of the blasting operation;
(f) Four (4) prolonged blasts on the whistle will be sounded immediately prior to the commencement of the blasting operations; and
(g) One (1) prolonged blast will be sounded on the whistle after the completion of each blasting operation.

Further enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr P. Bogers, the project manager, at Tel. 9139 6094, e-mail: bog@vanoord.;com

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