25 March 2015

How are seagrasses at Pasir Ris after the mass fish deaths?

I noticed massive seagrass bleaching at Pasir Ris about a week before the mass fish deaths there. Now more than three weeks after the mass fish deaths, how are the seagrasses doing at western Pasir Ris?
While it was good to see that the seagrasses are doing well today, I also came across 17 dead fishes, lots of palm oil waste, rubbish and other activities that impact the shore.

Palm oil waste and other damaging activities at Pasir Ris

The shore was lined with palm oil waste that float in the water from tiny globules to marble-sized and pebble-sized blobs, to chunks larger than my foot.
There is also a great deal of trash on the shore, much of it likely to come from the fish farms just off the shore.

24 March 2015

Sharing Singapore's last natural western reefs with agencies

Early this morning, I was glad to share with agencies my favourite Tuas shore.
We had great weather, good spotters and a wonderful day exploring Singapore's last natural western reefs.

23 March 2015

How is Pasir Ris marinelife after the mass fish deaths?

How is Pasir Ris doing after the mass fish deaths? I decided to have a look today, the first morning low spring tide of the year.
Many interesting surprises like this nudibranch!

What activities affect water quality at Pasir Ris?

Pasir Ris beach is incredibly trashy. With a mind-boggling variety of rubbish.
There are also many other activities, managed by many different agencies, that impact the quality of the water at the East Johor Strait.

20 March 2015

Singapore's last western reefs are alive!

A sliver of natural reef escaped the Tuas reclamation. It is now Singapore's last natural western reef.
This is home to some spectacular creatures and we had a great time visiting to see them yesterday.


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