04 October 2015

Kusu Pilgrimage Season: 13 Oct - 11 Nov 2015

Expect a parking crunch and boarding delays at Marina South Pier for other Southern Island destinations during this traditional season. And the regular ferry to St. John's Island will be suspended during this period.
Traditionally happening on the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, 100,000 devotees and visitors are expected to visit tiny Kusu Island for the annual pilgrimage season.

01 October 2015

Pasir Ris check in the haze

On a very hazy evening, yesterday we checked out Pasir Ris because we heard there were signs of algae in the water in the area.
The seagrasses were lush, marine life seemed well, and I didn't come across signs of mass deaths.

Where does your poop go? EIA for new outfall in the sea for public viewing

After you flush your poop, it and industrial wastes, are processed with the best technology available. Whatever can't be reclaimed is discharged into the sea surrounding Singapore through an outfall.
Tuas will be the third outfall.
The other two are at Changi and Kranji,
From PUB's website.
A new outfall (Singapore's third one) is planned by PUB at Tuas View, south of Tuas Power and an EIA study has been carried out to determine the potential environmental impact of the plant’s outfall discharge. The EIA is now available for public viewing.

28 September 2015

You CAN make a difference for our Marine Park!

Want to volunteer to guide at the Marine Park? Then this FREE training programme is for you!
Volunteers at the 2014 training session.
Places are limited and filling up fast! Pre-registration required online here http://tinyurl.com/SisGuideTrg2015

[Update 30 Sep: Registrations are now closed as all 60 places for the Classroom Workshop have been taken up. But you are most welcome to attend the Public Talks on 22 Oct (Thu) and 30 Oct (Fri). No registration required for the talks.]

24 September 2015

Shell told to stop work following Aug 2015 fire at Pulau Bukom

Singapore has issued a stop work order on Shell's refinery on Pulau Bukom island after the fire there on 21 Aug which hurt 6 people.
Shell refinery on Pulau Bukom,
just off the mangroves and seagrass meadows on Pulau Semakau.
A stop work order is usually issued in cases where severe lapses in safety and health conditions cause immediate danger to the people at work.

21 September 2015

Singapore has wild dolphins! Aug-Sep 2015 sightings

Six wild dolphins were sighted on two different occasions in the last two months!
One of the four wild dolphins
spotted off St John's Island, Aug 2015
One of the pair of wild dolphins
spotted off West Coast Pier, Sep 2015
Here's more about the sightings and what you CAN do for our wild dolphins.


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