24 April 2015

Berlayar Creek with special star and long driftnet

Today, I had a brief look at Berlayar Creek with Toh Yuet Hsin and her team from NParks who look after Labrador and the Creek.
So glad to see the seagrass patches are still there and that the rocky shores and sandy areas are still alive. Sadly, we saw and had to remove an abandoned driftnet.

23 April 2015

Sentosa has natural shores!

Sentosa has beautiful natural cliffs, coastal forests, rocky shores, seagrass meadows and reefy flats at Tanjung Rimau.
Today, I had a quick look to check for coral bleaching and see how the seagrasses are doing.

22 April 2015

Checking up on Giant clams at Pulau Jong

Back on Pulau Jong with the Clam Team of Dr Neo Mei Lin and Ambert Ang to check on Giant clams here. Thanks for letting us come along!
Pulau Jong is among our last untouched islands. This is what our Southern islands looked like before they were reclaimed. For example, the Sisters Islands, Pulau Hantu, St. John's Island and more.

21 April 2015

Apple surprise at special Changi shore

There were lots and lots of Sea apples on the Changi shore that we explored this morning!
We seldom visit this Changi shore which has a surprising variety of marine life!

20 April 2015

Sunrise survey of Chek Jawa

A magical sunrise at Chek Jawa! And a brief survey southern Chek Jawa from House No. 1 to the Beacon.
Thanks to Dr Chua Ee Kiam for inviting me and NParks for having me on this special trip.

18 April 2015

Singapore's natural history museum: opening soon!

It's finally come true! Our dream for Singapore's very own natural history museum!
NOT an artist's impression. This is the real thing!
This morning, a group of people who had been working on this dream for the longest time, gathered for the launch. I was privileged to be there, and to get my first look at the awesome Museum! The museum opens to the public on 28 Apr!


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