03 March 2015

Dead fish update: a dead monitor lizard among the fishes

This morning, Victor Tang saw a dead monitor lizard among the dead fishes washing up at Pasir Ris Park. This is worrying. It is becoming increasingly obvious that this recent mass fish death is among the worst to happen in Singapore.
Photo by Victor Tang on facebook.
There doesn't seem to be 'new' dead fishes though.  But even if dead fishes stop floating up in large numbers, the danger to the ecosystem may not be over.

Wild Intern (Apr-Jun 2015) - Now open for applications!

We're looking for help to organise Ubin Day 2015 and other nature outreach activities including workshops and other nature events.
Follow in the footsteps of wild intern Sumita Thiagarajan (in hat)
who laid the foundations for Ubin Day. She is seen here with
Minister Desmond Lee speaking to the Prime Minister on Ubin Day.
Photo by Johnson Ong
Applications now open for the Wild Intern position! Closing date extended to 8 Mar (Sun).

02 March 2015

Thousands of dead fishes still washing up; with otter surprise!

Thousands of dead fishes are still washing up on the 9 locations on north-eastern Singapore that I surveyed today. From Punggol to Pasir Ris and Changi. Wild and farmed fishes, large and small. This is worrying.
I also saw an otter near the dead fishes. Fortunately, it seems alright. Google tells me otters can be hurt or killed by red tides, but I'm not sure how accurate this is. Perhaps experts can help share more about the threat to otters of plankton blooms and mass fish deaths. Here's a discussion of this on facebook.

01 March 2015

Dead fish update: Changi, Ubin, Pasir Ris, Punggol

Dead fishes are washing up on Changi Beach, large and small, wild and farmed. We also checked a small stretch of Pulau Ubin and include in this post, updates shared by others on the situation at Pasir Ris and Punggol.
What is causing the mass deaths? According to a facebook post, OnHand Agrarian says: "the good folks at DHI labs gave a probable answer: Gymnodinium breve". And one of the fish farms has issued a public SOS appeal for crowdfunding among its customers.

Sharing with the Sustainability Mentorship Programme

A wonderful day spent with the Sustainability Mentorship Programme participants at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve! I was nervous to present the session on "Biodiversity, Nature and Conservation", so I really appreciated the the kind participation of all.
Thanks to the Reserve for the support, to the mentors and participants for a great sharing session followed by a little walk to discover the many fabulous creatures here.

28 February 2015

Thousands of dead fishes at Pasir Ris

Thousand of dead fishes washed up at Pasir Ris beach today. Sean Yap also shared photos of dead fishes found on the same stretch of western Pasir Ris that I surveyed. He also blogged about it.
What is causing this mass fish death? Is it harmful to humans?


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