16 July 2018

Terumbu Bemban still alive!

In a small corner of Terumbu Bemban there are some of the best reefs I've seen in Singapore.
Living reefs of Terumbu Bemban, Jul 2018
Today, some large colonies seem to have died, but other kinds of corals are doing well. We found two giant clams and saw other interesting marine life. And I narrowly missed stepping on a stonefish!

15 July 2018

Living reefs of Terumbu Hantu

This tiny submerged reef next to Pulau Hantu lies next to petrochemical plants, has been squashed by a large boat, suffered from mass coral bleaching in 2016.
Living reefs of Terumbu Hantu
So it was great to see that a good variety of corals are still found on some parts of the reef edge.

14 July 2018

Chek Jawa is magnificent again!

Chek Jawa is looking more like it used to before the devastating mass deaths in 2007 which wiped out the sponges and many other animals here.
Various marine life on Chek Jawa
Chek Jawa was also hit by the 300-tonne oil spill in the East Johor Strait in Jan 2017. So it was a relief to see such a magnificent array of marine life there this morning.

13 July 2018

Sliver of Changi still lively

My favourite Changi shore is still alive! Just last year, it was impacted by a 300-tonne oil spill in the East Johor Strait in Jan 2017 and a huge excavator was working on the shore in May 2017 removing large pipes.
Black sea urchin (Temnopleurus toreumaticus)
Today, I was delighted to see lots of seagrasses including a patch of Smooth ribbon seagrass. And all the usual animals plus large clusters of Black sea urchins.

11 July 2018

Ferry runs aground on reclaimed land at Tekong 9 July 2018

A ferry carrying 45 people was stranded on reclaimed land near Pulau Tekong during low tide after it collided with rocks along the island on 9 Jul 2018 near midnight. Visibility was low and the ferry was at risk of capsizing.
Graphics from The Straits Times, 10 Jul 18

Photo from the Singapore Police Force
in The New Paper, 11 Jul 18
All on board were rescued by the Police Coast Guard. There were no reports of injury or oil pollution, said MPA, adding that the owner is making arrangements to "re-float" the ferry.

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08 July 2018

Pesta Ubin 2018 Report

The Ubin community came together to celebrate Singapore's last unspoilt island from 26 May (Sat) to 24 Jun (Sun) 2018. Here's a look back at Pesta Ubin 2018.
Looking back at Pesta Ubin 2018

Here's the After Action Report on Pesta Ubin 2018: https://tinyurl.com/PestaUbin2018report.

Please let me know if you have any ideas, feedback and suggestions!

Pesta Ubin will return in 2019!

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