03 September 2015

Sharing the marvelous marine life at Marina at Keppel Bay

There are stunning reefs that settled naturally at Marina Keppel Bay!
Thanks to Jessica Leong of Keppel, a team from NParks and I had a chance to visit today.

01 September 2015

Changi with otter sighting!

Our last predawn trip for 2015 was spent surveying our favourite Changi shore. It lies in the flight path of roaring jetliners as they land at Changi Airport.
Like the Changi shore we surveyed yesterday, this one was also very quiet. But we did see Knobbly sea stars and a pair of otters!

31 August 2015

5 Sep (Sat): Talk on "Secret Shores of Singapore" by Ria Tan

Come for my talk at Sentosa! No need to swim, no need to dive! Ordinary people can experience much of Singapore's amazing marine life on the intertidal shore.
I'll also be giving out free copies of the latest marine life of Singapore guidesheets!
The 'green' Northern shores guidesheet.
The 'blue' Southern shores guidesheet
More details below!

Changi shores changing?

There seems to be a decline in diversity of marine life at our favourite Changi shore. Today, I noticed a sharp decline compared to my last trip in May 2015, when I already noticed a decline compared to our last visit here in May 2014 and Jun 2013.
We also noticed changes in the shape of the shore. Were these changes a result of the dredging that took place at Changi Creek in Jan-Jun 2015?

30 August 2015

Special snails at Pulau Hantu

There is a living reef on Pulau Hantu just across the massive petrochemical plants on Pulau Bukom.
We surveyed it this morning and saw living corals, special snails and more.

29 August 2015

Living Lagoon of Seringat-Kias

The artificial lagoon at Seringat-Kias is alive! It's the last series of pre-dawn surveys for 2015. We start with a very early trip checking out how it is doing.
We came across seagrasses teeming with marine life, and Knobbly sea stars! My last proper survey here in Apr 2012.


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