19 June 2018

RIP Mama Jong

It was sad to discover that the Fluted giant clam at Pulau Jong was dead when we did our annual survey this morning.
Fluted giant clam (Tridacna squamosa)
But otherwise, the shore seemed fine. With a sprinkling of hard corals on the rocky shore, lots of large leathery soft corals and other amazing marine life.

18 June 2018

Mass dying at Sentosa, Serapong?

We were dismayed to see dying corals and sponges this morning during our annual survey of the richest reef near the mainland.
Mass death at Serapong, Jun 2018 - Anemone coral (Goniopora sp.)
Coral bleaching with dead rotting grey tops.
There was a heavy smell of death (like a badly run fish market) as we saw large corals and sponges that were bleaching, or had dying, rotting tissue. We have no idea what happened. But the deaths appear very recent as the tissues are still rotting and few have exposed skeletons. This may have happened in the last few days or week?

17 June 2018

Pulau Sekudu is alive!

This tiny island off Chek Jawa was lively during our annual survey! Colourful sponges are covering some parts of the rubbly shores, the seagrass meadows are lush - with dugong feeding trails, and all kinds of interesting animals were seen.
Living shores of Pulau Sekudu, Jun 2018
The team also took care of fish traps found on the island, and an abandoned net.

16 June 2018

Beting Bronok doing better?

Today, Beting Bronok seems to be doing better. With many more hard corals, some nice patches of colourful sponges and marine life, and larger expanses of seagrasses. Nevertheless, the shore remains a pale shadow of its former glory.
Living shores of Beting Bronok, Jun 2018
Our annual trips to Beting Bronok are bitter-sweet. Like visiting our favourite grandma and watching her painfully, slowly fade away. I feel privileged to have seen her at her best.

15 June 2018

Terumbu Raya at Hari Raya!

Selamat Hari Raya from Terumbu Raya! A storm was brewing when we arrived, so we waited for a while on the boat before venturing out.
Living reefs of Terumbu Raya, June 2018
The reefs here are still very much alive, and it appears the seagrasses are doing well too! Interesting animals seen include a Giant clam and sea turtle!

14 June 2018

Sign the petition for World Seagrass Day!

Support the World Seagrass Association's bid for an international World Seagrass Day.
To raise awareness on the importance of seagrass meadows, threats to them, what happens if we lose them. A day of global recognition is a crucial step towards saving seagrasses.

Sign the petition (scroll to the bottom of the page).


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