24 January 2015

Kusu Island with sea snake!

Just minutes from the Central Business District is a lovely shore at Kusu Island. A small team explore it at a not-so-low tide.
This island was badly hit by the oil spill in 2014. How is it doing a year later?

23 January 2015

Starry at Changi

Changi is teeming with sea stars! A small team surveys this shore for the first time in a year.
This area has one of the lushest seagrass meadows on the mainland and I was worried because we noticed the seagrasses were sparse in 2012.

22 January 2015

Terumbu Hantu and Terumbu Pempang Kechil

Today we return to Terumbu Hantu to check for damage by the MV Nautica.
Acropora coral on Terumbu Pempang Kecil
Despite being very close to the petrochemical plants on Pulau Bukom, Pulau Hantu and the submerged reefs nearby have delicate corals and other animals in the shallow areas.

21 January 2015

Corals rescued from Semakau Landfill find forever home at Sisters Islands Marine Park

The Sisters Islands Marine Park is the forever home of corals salvaged from the Semakau Landfill. Thanks to NEA for inviting me for this visit to mark the relocation.
Here's Eugene Goh from DHI, which conducted the relocation, briefing Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources at Sisters Islands.

11 January 2015

Raining snakes at Pasir Ris

It was wet and rainy, and there were only four visitors who joined our walk. But the Naked Hermit Crabs (who outnumbered the visitors) still had a great time at Pasir Ris yesterday evening.
Here is Keane, the only young visitor at the walk, spotting the second snake of the day!

09 January 2015

16 Jan (Fri): Talk on "Careers in Conservation and Biodiversity in Singapore"

Hear from four conservationists working in Singapore, who will share their experience of the wildlife and flora on and off our shores, about the work they do, and the advice they can give to you if you are interested in working in conservation in the future.
click on image for larger view
This talk is for anyone, teachers, students, or public, who are interested to know what kind of wildlife and flora Singapore has and about their conservation value. It is also for anyone who are curious about being a part of the conservation industry as they have the opportunity to ask the conservationists themselves their questions.


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