12 February 2021

Nudis galore at Punggol

At Punggol Jetty, the boulders on the shore were very much alive!
Living rocky shore at Punggol
The large boulders on the shore were covered in living animals at the low water mark. These encrusting animals are food for nudibranchs and it was intriguing to find many signs of nudibranchs here.

It was great to see many people enjoying the shore at Punggol on this first day of the Lunar New Year.
People at Punggol shore
Kids swimming in the sea.
People at Punggol shore
Kids playing in the sand.
People at Punggol shore
It was a relief to see a variety of sponges on the rocks. During our last survey here in April 2019, I didn't see many sponges.
There were also other encrusting animals that resemble plants: orange Knobbly soft coral, and bryozoans that resemble yellow ferns and Glassy branching bryozoans
The most abundant encrusting animal was an orange colonial ascidian - probably the Lobed orange ascidian. I saw it on almost every hard surface near the low water mark.
Sponges and other encrusting animals are food for nudibranchs. So I wasn't really surprised to come across many (more than 15) egg ribbons probably laid by nudibranchs. They were laid just above the low water mark. But I couldn't find any nudibranchs near them.
James found this nudibranch - probably the Rose nudibranch. It wasn't near any egg ribbons. So we are not sure if this kind of nudibranch laid the egg ribbons.
Dendrodoris fumata
I was relieved to see two small Burgundy anemones, James saw one more. Punggol is the stronghold of the intriguing anemone, it is not found in large numbers elsewhere. As usual, there were also many Lined sea anemones. Worm snails (which are snails and not worms) were still common. There were some Onch slugs, as well as Spiral melongena snails and Drills, with many of their egg capsules laid on the rocks. But I didn't see any sea urchins.
Many rocks had small mussels growing on them. Some of them were young Green mussels. Others were a small black mussel that I have yet to identify. I've been seeing this small  black mussel on this shore for some years already.
Sadly, I didn't come across any seagrass today. On the positive side, I didn't come across any fish traps either.
People at Punggol shore
This shore lies opposite Pasir Gudang, a major port in Johor.
Living shores of Punggol
Large vessels pass the shore regularly.
Shipping next to Punggol shore
Let's hope this shore stays safe until we can survey it again.

More photos of the survey by James Koh.

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