01 January 2021

Mega fauna sightings (Dec 2020)

Dolphin overload in December! Dolphins were sighted at St John's Island, East Coast Park and even in a shipyard at Sembawang.
A sea turtle was seen off Keppel Bridge and sharks were documents hunting in shallow waters at Big Sisters Islands.

A sighting of wild dolphins leaping out of the water off St John's Island was shared on 3 Dec by the Marine Stewards. Taken from a kayak.

Wild dolphin spotted off East Coast Park on 27 Nov, shared by Marine Stewards. Taken from a kayak.

A sighting of two wild dolphins at Sembcorp Marine Tuas Boulevard Yard was shared on 7 Dec by the Marine Stewards, attributed to Mikaail Tee.

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A sea turtle was sighted off Keppel Bay bridge at Keppel island on 18 Dec 2020. From the comments, it appears this animal is regularly sighted here. Video by Xiao Tian.

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On 18 Dec, black tipped reef sharks were seen hunting with the incoming tide. This is a common sighting for regular intertidal shore surveyors. Video shared by Vincent Choo.

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