09 January 2016

Chingay 2016 will NOT release sky lanterns

People's Association responded promptly on facebook to worries about news that 8,000 'sky lanterns' (helium balloons) would be 'launched'. They assured that "The Sky Lanterns are performance props and not meant to be released into the sky.
Channel News Asia article, 7 Jan 16
"These lanterns will be reused and exhibited at the PAssionArts Festival 2016 and community events such as National Day Celebrations after Chingay 2016. After that, they will be handed over to a recycling firm approved by NEA to be responsibly recycled. The proceeds from the recycling will go towards charity."

According to media reports: "Themed “Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore”, the annual Chingay Parade will be held on Feb 19 and 20 at the F1 Pit Building in the Marina Bay area. Featuring 8,000 performers and 50 parade contingents, it is set to be the biggest ever full-scale illuminated show in the parade’s 44-year history."

During Chingay 2011, there were also plans involving 4,000 sky lanterns. Although the sky lanterns were apparently not intended for release, comments by those who attended suggested that many were indeed released.

We can only hope that the People's Association will indeed do their best to make sure none of the 8,000 'Sky Lanterns' escape into the sky.

PA's response on their facebook page, 8 Jan 2016.

PA's response to questions and comments by the public on their post about the 'Sky Lanterns', 8 Jan 2016.

PA's reply to an email by Olivia Choong shared by her on facebook.
[Update 22 Feb 2016: It appears the balloons were NOT released. In TODAY's article on the event "The People’s Association also organised about 2,000 volunteers to double up as Keep Singapore Clean Ambassadors, who encouraged the visitors to keep the park clean." So that's good!]

Photo from TODAY, 22 Feb 2016.

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