10 April 2015

Dead wild boar washed up at Pasir Ris

This morning a dead wild boar was seen washed up at Pasir Ris beach east of Sungei Api Api.
Thanks to this sighting shared by someone who wishes to be known as a "committed pasir ris beachcomber"

The wild boar is about 60-70cm long. Probably a young adult?
Where did the animal come from? There are many wild boar on Pulau Ubin, and there was a sighting of wild boar at Pasir Ris in Jul 2014 on Stomp.

Is its death significant? I'm not sure.

More about wild boar in Singapore on wildsingapore.

Please share your sightings of dead fishes and other wildlife on our shores with me. Email Ria at hello@wildsingapore.com or tag me on your facebook photo https://www.facebook.com/wildsingapore

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