20 October 2014

Dead fishes at West Coast Park Marsh Garden

Dead wild fishes were spotted at the Marsh Garden at West Coast Park on 19 Oct (Sun).
Photo by Gan Da.
Gan Da has been going regularly to the Marsh Garden for the last three months for his school project. This is the first time he has seen these dead fishes.

The Marsh Garden is connected to the sea. Yesterday, Gan Da noticed 8 - 9 dead fishes floating near the entrance where the seawater comes in.
The dead fishes included this one which appears to be a kind of catfish. All photos and information thanks to Gan Da.

What killed these fishes? Is the Vibrio bacteria that killed farm fishes in the Johor Strait in northern Singapore now also in our Southern waters?

Dead Fish Alert!

Please help me monitor dead fishes washing up on our seashores. Please let me know if you see large numbers (more than 10) especially of large dead fishes (more than 20cm long) washing up on any sea shore.

Thank you!

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