25 May 2014

Some dead fishes seen at Sungei Buloh

Today, I saw about 10 dead fishes floating at Sungei Buloh. Most looked like large market-size farmed grey mullets, a few looked like large catfishes.
The larger floating dead fish looks like farmed grey mullet,
the smaller dead fish looks like a catfish,
with two banded archerfishes in the water below them.
I also observed large fishes jumping out of the water in one of the ponds.

Here's the floating dead fishes I saw walking from the Main Bridge to Platform 1. Here's the dead fishes that look like market sized farmed grey mullet (30-35cm long). Similar to those dead fishes I saw in large numbers last month. Some of the fishes looked freshly dead, others look like they were dead for some time, and I also came across some half eaten skeletons as well as older skeletons.
Probably dead for at least a day because flies are settling on it?
This looks like a dead catfish.
This small Malayan water monitor lizard was carrying a dead fish in its mouth. It looks like a grey mullet.
There was this half eaten skeleton on the high shore below the path. I was attracted to its position by the fierce buzzing of large flies.
There was this very dry skeleton on the path itself.
There were healthy Banded archerfishes in the water.
As well as many halfbeaks.
I noticed at the pond next to the one at the Main Hide, large fishes were regularly leaping out of the water. I'm not sure what is going on...
Some of the trash floating up at Sungei Buloh include large containers and baskets.
A neon light bulb.
What looks like a discarded bag that used to contain rice?
Bags of detergent and other household product containers that certainly don't come from visitors to Sungei Buloh.
Would there be a lot less litter washing up our shores if all the 119 fish farms licenced by AVA are provided daily door-to-door trash collection? Like every business, household in Singapore? Even every ship parked in Singapore port is provided with daily door-to-door trash collection.

Wouldn't cleaner waters be better for fish farmers? According to Farmers still reeling from losses after fish deaths by Neo Chai Chin Today Online 19 May 14: since the mass fish deaths in Mar 2104, some farmers "say water conditions have largely remained sub-par until last week, with some fish — albeit in smaller numbers — still dying."


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