30 May 2014

"Human error and poor judgement" cause of 3 oil spills in 2 weeks in Jan-Feb 2014

In a media release, MPA said "The findings of the investigations showed that human error and poor judgement of the situation was the main cause of the three collisions. There was lack of situational awareness of the bridge teams, including the pilots, although MPA's Port Operations Control Centre (POCC) had provided advisories and warnings of the traffic situation to the bridge teams."
Oil spill impact on the Kusu Island swimming lagoon.
"The bridge teams also did not make use of all available means at their disposal, such as the Automatic Identification System (AIS), Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA), Radar, and Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) to avoid the collisions. Appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken against the members of the bridge teams, including the pilots, for contravening the relevant regulations."

Full MPA media release and media reports on wildsingapore news.

Nominated Member of Parliament Ms Faizah Jamal raised the issue of the oil spills in Parliament on 21 Feb 2014.

She asked (a) what steps does MPA take to bring parties responsible for oil spills in our waters to task; and (b) whether reports of the actions taken against such parties may be open for public scrutiny.

She also asked three supplementary questions: "Thank you for saying that the report will be given to the shipping community. What about it being made public as well so that there will be better cooperation between say MPA as well as the volunteers, nature activists who have been down on the ground, looking at what's happening.

And secondly does MPA have rapid environment monitoring response team to conduct EIAs on the marine habitat. Because the press releases seem to show that whilst the ships have been contained and there seems to be no health impact to the public, there is no response or no indication on what it does to the marine and coastal environment.

And lastly, the fact that 3 collisions happened in a span of 2 weeks does it mean that our waterways are stretched beyond its sustainable capacity. And would MPA consider using other methods beyond dispersants because as I understand it, studies show that this method where oil and dispersants are mixed together is actually 52 times more toxic when combined. So is MPA doing any other studies to overcome this kind of problems."

Full video, transcript of Government replies and media reports on wildsingapore news.

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