14 April 2014

Pulau Ubin with the Drone!

Hurray, the water near Pulau Ubin is no longer brown 'teh-o' coloured, like it was last week. Let's hope this means there is less of a risk of a plankton bloom and mass fish deaths.
A small team headed to Ubin to recce for the upcoming Imagine Ubin Leafmonkey Workshop, as well as to test The Drone!

Alas, our much anticipated plans to feast on Sunday-only Ubin-only Lontong were thwarted. Pak Ali's shop was closed! We were devastated. This is also a sign of how threatened some of our favourite Ubin food and activities are becoming. Fortunately, Kwan Siong brought us to the only other stall at Ubin Town that serves breakfast. And even luckier, Ley Kun had packed super delicious super chocolatey cake that kept us all going well until lunch time.
After lots of discussions about lots of things, we finally got around to doing a little look around Pulau Ubin. Just as we were getting started, we were treated to hornbills!
Along the way, wow, baby mangosteens! First time I've seen them so close up.
We also had a quick stop near the beautiful Butterfly Hill.
And then we took a van to Ketam Quarry. Stopping by the famous "Why you so like that" spot and of course, had to buy a drink lah. And pet the friendly dog. Chay Hoon's cat, Stripy, was born here!
It's my first time at the quarry! Ley Kun pointed out to me some amazing Baya weaver nests on nearby Rhu trees. This one looks empty, so we called it a show flat.
The Drone Commander, Pei Yan, assisted by the Drone Guru, Kwan Siong, got The Drone going!
It's the first time many of us have seen it in action. And I'm very impressed.
Here's what the little Drone looks like in flight. It's so cute and awesome as the same time.
Here's the awesome video clip taken with the Drone, thanks to Pei Yan.
The trip was really inspiring as we discussed and planned a wide variety of exciting upcoming programmes.

Including the Imagine Ubin Workshop!

What is this workshop about? Pulau Ubin is close to the hearts of many nature lovers and volunteers in Singapore. In response to the upcoming ‘Ubin Project’ chaired by Minister of State Desmond Lee, we hope to contribute to the future plans of Pulau Ubin by offering our ideas and aspirations for the island through this workshop.

This halfday workshop will start with a working visit around Ubin, followed by lunch and brainstorming of ideas, all on Pulau Ubin itself. We hope to inspire more productive discussions and creative ideas through immersing ourselves in the sights, smells and tastes of Ubin! Discussions and ideas from the workshop will then be compiled and shared with the ‘Ubin Project’.

Date: 27 April 2014, Sunday
Time: 9 am - 2 pm
Venue: Pulau Ubin

More information and registration on the Leafmonkey Workshop. All are welcome. Come join us!


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