09 March 2014

Pasir Ris mangroves with Terra Minds kids!

My first guided walk in six months since I broke my foot!
For a delightful bunch of enthusiastic kids organised by the awesome team from Terra Minds.

I'm so glad to see such a huge turnout of kids and parents bright and early on a Sunday morning!
Teacher Yokie gave a great introduction at the beginning of the walk, including notes! Ladybugs are of course part of the introduction to Sean Yap. Also joining us were the Green Beans, guides from SOTA.
I was busy enjoying guiding, while struggling a little with a walking stick, so I didn't take many photos. One of the highlights was spotting a HUGE Orb-web spider struggling with an even larger bumble bee. Is she going to eat it? It turned out that she eventually cut it out of her web to release it. Spiders may do that to get rid of animals that are dangerous to themselves and their web.
Oh wow, Jeff spotted a ladybug! The giant magnifying thingie came in handy to take a closer look at it.
Fortunately Sean Yap the ladybug expert is nearby and he shares more about this little creature. It's the first time Sean has seen one alive!
The kids as usual are great at spotting stuff. From crabs to spiders of all kinds, mudskippers and more! We heard kingfishers, saw butterflies, dragonflies. Pondered about weird tree roots. At the jetty, we looked at archerfishes, halfbeaks and lots more.
Thanks to Teacher Yokie and her awesome team from Terra Minds for letting me be a part of their first outdoor class for kids. Thanks to the kids for spotting so many cool critters and asking very good questions. I was so touched to get this lovely card with very kind words from Teacher Yokie.
Terra Minds is a nature-based learning centre for 3 to 8 year olds. Teacher Yokie told me "I started Terra Minds with the hope of developing children into nature-loving and nature-smart children". Visit the Terra Minds website also on Facebook to find out more about their work including awesome school holiday programmes!
After the walk, I had a great lunch and inspiring discussion with the enthusiastic the Green Beans, guides from SOTA who want to encourage Singaporean youths to explore local natural green spaces.
I'm so glad The Foot survived the walk and lunch and driving all the way there and back. I did collapse in a nap with The Foot iced and elevated when I got home. Although it has been six months since I broke my foot, it seems I will still need to keep it slow as I inch back towards 'normal'.

I have been updating about my one-legged adventures on facebook instead of this blog, as it's a more personal journey. Also, for easier access to the family I have found at Lisfranc Fracture Club on facebook.

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