05 November 2013

Volunteers wanted for coral relocation in Singapore starting Nov 2013

Volunteers are invited to help relocate corals starting this month. The development of Tuas Terminal may impact the corals growing at Sultan Shoal and to mitigate this, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is embarking on a plan to relocate and set up nurseries for hard corals from Sultan Shoal to St. John's Island and Sisters Island.

The volunteer activities will start from November 2013 and you help as a ‘Diver Volunteer’ or a ‘Surface Support & Observation Volunteer’.

Volunteers can help in selected activities from Nov 2013 to Aug 2014 with the ultimate aim to:
  • Relocate 100% of coral species and as many individual corals as possible at Sultan Shoal.
  • Preserve and maintain biodiversity of Sultan Shoal’s keystone hard coral community
  • Enhance Singapore’s marine biodiversity through setting up of coral nurseries at suitable non reef area and degraded reef areas
What is at Sultan Shoal? and What is planned for the port at Tuas?

Volunteers will be involved in coral transplantation and long-term monitoring of transplanted creatures.
Volunteer activities will take place on one Saturday per month starting from Nov 2013 to Aug 2014

Each event would involve a maximum of 8 volunteers.

Volunteers will be provided training and workshops on reef restoration. Including lectures related to coral reef biology and ecology and reef restoration. Case studies about reef rehabilitation will be presented.
Volunteers will be taught about rearing of corals: fragmenting of corals into different relevant sizes and attaching of corals on nursery tables. As well as maintenance of corals: tending of corals by cleaning the nursery tables from accumulated sediments and other fouling organisms. As well as how to monitor growth and survivorship of corals.

Participation requirements

General Requirements
  • At least 18 years of age
  • No pre-existing medical condition
  • Committed to a maximum 10hrs during each event (0800hrs – 1800hrs)
  • Comfortable in the field and at sea in variable conditions
  • Attend health and safety induction (~1hr)
  • Complete a liability release and indemnity form
  • Adhere to all instructions and other roles and responsibilities
  • Physically fit and willing to undertake manual and strenuous work

Additional Requirement for Divers
  • Compliant with the general requirements outlined above
  • At least 21 years of age with no pre-existing medical condition
  • Min. Advanced SCUBA Diver or equivalent certification from an internationally recognised training organization
  • Min. 2 years diving experience with >50 logged open water dives
  • Min. 10 open water dives as Advanced Diver within the last 12 months
  • Possess a valid certificate of medical fitness to dive issued by a doctor trained and experienced in underwater medicine
  • Vaccinated against tetanus within the last 10 years, and Hepatitis B
  • Supply all personal diving equipment (except tanks and weights), with annual maintenance on regulators & Buoyancy Compensator Device
  • Attend Dive Safety Induction and is familiar with safety procedures (~1hr)
  • Attend training workshops as required (~2hrs)
  • Willing to undertake manual and strenuous underwater works
  • Committed to participate in at least 5 events between Nov ‘13 and Aug ‘14.
  • Preferred experience and skills:
  • Rescue Diver certification or higher, >100 logged open water dives
  • Prior diving experience in Singapore waters, e.g. low visibility and strong currents
  • Scientific survey experience and are familiar with tropical marine flora and fauna
If you wish to participate and contribute towards the relocation programme, please contact Low Yue Wen at LOW_Yue_Wen@mpa.gov.sg. She will be able to provide you with more information on the volunteer activities and the respective application forms.

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