29 July 2013

Kranji, less trashy?

I had a quick look at the trash situation along the narrow strip of mangroves growing behind the heavy industries located near the Kranji shore. This is what I saw today
This is what I saw at the same spot in Feb 2011.

What I saw today.
Mangroves at Kranji - trash and marine debris
And the same area in Feb 2011.
Today, some parts of the shore were quite clean of trash
Mangroves at Kranji - trash and marine debris
While other parts were still badly trashed with things like fridges, mattresses and large items like road dividers.
Mangroves at Kranji - trash and marine debris
This makes me suspect that most of the trash on the shore were dumped from land and did not drift up from the sea. Because if the litter drifted in, then the entire shoreline would be equally trashed.

More photos of trash I saw at Kranji today and on previous trips.

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Angry about litter? Learn more, do something!

Join International Coastal Cleanup Singapore to clean up Lim Chu Kang mangroves in celebration of National Day 10 Aug (Sat) 8-11am.

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