22 July 2013

Angry about litter on our shores? Learn more, DO something!

Does Singapore have marine life? What is the impact of marine trash and how do we combat it?
N. Sivasothi of the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore will share more during a free public talk "“Marine Life in Singapore and the Impact of Man” on 3 Aug (Sat) at the National University of Singapore. The talk is suitable for the public. All are welcome.

During the talk Siva will share about marine life in Singapore, the impact of marine trash, why we collect data, what the data tells us, changes in daily living to reduce impact on our oceans.
Trash at Tanah Merah May 2013
This talk is actually the ICCS Briefing, which is meant to inform and prepare Site Buddies, Organiser’s assistants and Independent sign-ups who are participating in and assisting with the International Coastal Cleanup. So the talk will also cover what happens on the day of the cleanup, how to be safe, how to report the data and share news and photos.

Anyone interested in learning about our shores and about marine trash is welcomed to attend. Please register online.

Date: 3 Aug (Sat)
Time: 9am to 12noon
Venue: National University of Singapore, LT32 map
More details on the ICCS blog.

Isn't it pointless to pick up litter once a year?

ICCS is NOT just about picking up litter. It is about educating people and collecting data about the litter on our shores. After spending an hour logging data on litter, I have stopped using straws. It seems pointless to use something for a few minutes then throw it away. Anyone above the age of 2 doesn't need to suck a drink!
Litter in the mangroves of Pasir Ris
Litter in the mangroves of Pasir Ris, Apr 09
ICCS involves thousands of people. It is the single most important event in the year to raise awareness about marine litter. All the shores are targeted. From mangroves to recreational beaches. Remote shore to accessible shores.
Marine debris on Pasir Ris shore
Trash at Pasir Ris Park Apr 2012
If you have strong organisational skills, some time to set aside to work with the rest of the well trained coordinating team, you CAN make a huge difference in dealing with the trashy issue. Sign up to be on the coordinating team
Marine debris in Kranji mangroves
Trash at Kranji shore Mar 2013
If you only have one day to set aside, you can help to collect data on the Coastal Clean up day itself, scheduled in September 2010. Sign up with the ICCS mailing list or subscribe to the ICCS blog or twitter for updates.

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