03 August 2012

Changi's best seagrass meadows being buried?

Are the seagrasses at Changi's best meadows being buried by seashore works? Has new sand had been laid on the shore?
Has this new sand washed down onto the seagrasses. Is this why there is less seagrass on this shore recently?

Further inland were piles of sand and granite chips.
The entire area has been boarded up to well past the high water mark.
Usually, in front of any construction site there is a board with details of what is being done, the people in charge and who to call. I couldn't find such a board near the gate to the project site, which is next to the public carpark and public toilet. There is no mention of any work going on at the Changi Beach Park when I checked online. So it's a big mystery to me.
I had hopped over to this shore from another part of Changi to catch up with the team from the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research working on this shore. It seems the dugongs still come to feed on the seagrasses here! There were several feeding trails but I only managed this shot after the sun rose and before the tide came in.
The RMBR team had been hard at work. They showed me Bailer snails (Melo melo) found here! There were three of them. Wow.
Chay Hoon found another 'brown' Peachia anemone (Peachia sp.). Hope this helps Nicholas sort out the identity of these animals.
Mei Lin found a strange dark sea cucumber, and of course the professionals all found lots of stuff too.

But the shore is rather quiet and the seagrasses a lot less lush. We already noticed this on our trip here two days ago. I couldn't manage a daylight shot of the shore today as the tide had turned. This is what the seagrasses here looked like in May 2012.
I hope the seagrasses can recover soon. And if the sand build up is due to works on the shore, I do hope these works will not bury the seagrasses elsewhere along Changi.


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