26 June 2012

Work on seawalls at Labrador

A large barge is parked very close to the seawall at Labrador Nature Reserve, working on repairs to the seawall. Behind it are the natural cliffs and natural shores of Sentosa which I just visited a week ago.
Today I had a closer look at what is going on here.

Here's a closer look at the barge, it appears to be sitting on top of the submerged portion near the seawall. Are there corals growing here, like at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal? Alas, I've never actually had a chance to look for this during low spring tide. Today, the tide wasn't very low
It seems the large excavator is used to transfer and position the rocks on the seawall.
A view of the barge and heavy equipment with Pulau Bukom and the massive reclamation site on the horizon.
A large 'cloud' hangs over the refineries of Pulau Bukom, and the massive ongoing reclamation work for the new Pasir Panjang Container Terminal extends over the horizon.
A closer look at the reclamation work.
The huge dump trucks gives a sense of the size of the mountains of sand used in this reclamation project.
Behind this project are the existing Pasir Panjang Container Terminals.
The tip of the fishing jetty on the right corner lies on the natural shores of Labrador.
There were many very long fishing poles lined up along the length of the Park's fence facing the sea.
There was also one person standing below the seawall, fishing.
Swamped by field trips and other massive biodiversity events, I haven't been keeping up with the Notices on coastal works. Here is the Notice about the work on Labrador, which I thought is a Nature Reserve and no longer just a Park?

Repair works to existing revetment off Labrador Park
from Port Marine Notice NO. 73 of 2012 dated 30 May 2012

With effect from 30 May 12 to 30 Aug 12. 24 hours daily including Sundays and Public Holidays. At Labrador park waterfront and its vicinity (see attached chartlet):
The repair works will entail the removal of the damaged area and restoring the wall back to its original design by land excavator. The work barge will be used for transportation of equipment and material to the work site. The barge used in the project works will be shifted by tugs operating in pusher mode. Safety boat will be in attendance at all times to warn and re-direct craft in the vicinity to keep clear of the working area. Further general enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr Wong Cheng Wee, the project Director at Tel: 9862 2635 (email: wongii@oung.com.sg).

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