27 April 2012

Volunteers needed for Mandai mangrove surveys with Rick

Volunteers are needed to help Rick map and measure the thousands of trees at Mandai mangroves.
This study is important to better understand and thus protect this amazingly diverse mangrove forest! It's also lots of fun, and a great way to get a glimpse of a special mangrove forest.

One of the key questions Rick hopes to answer relates to the surface elevations in Mandai mangroves. To find out more, he is using some pretty cool equipment!
There are awesome trees at Mandai mangroves and Rick hopes to find out more about them. Rick has already mapped nearly 1,500 trees, but there are thousands more to go!
Dr John Yong shares about special mangroves plants
during a trip with Rick and I
Rick has already done awesome work on Mandai mangroves! But there's still lots more to be done!
Sadly, many large trees at Mandai are dying and falling over. Why is this so? Rick's study will help us find out more.
There are many threats to beautiful Mandai mangroves. Rick's study will help us better understand and hopefully protect them. Find out more about Rick's study and what volunteers can do to help, on his awesome Mangrove Action Squad blog featuring the very macho Mangrove Mafia.

To volunteer with his study fill out this form: http://tinyurl.com/6sp4yh9. Come join Rick to get a glimpse of Mandai mangroves, learn more about our mangroves and make a difference for them!

More about Mandai mangroves

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