21 March 2012

Join as a day participant in the Bivalve workshop, 23-27 July

Here's a chance for ordinary people to learn about our fascinating clams! From the awesome Giant clam to tiny ones in hidden places, there are many many bivalves that we can learn more about.
Special giant clam (Tridacna maxima)
Dr Tan Koh Siang of the Tropical Marine Science Institute, National University of Singapore will be conducting a Biodiversity & Taxonomy Workshop: Introduction to Tropical Bivalves on 23-27 July, 2012. Ordinary people who are interested can join as day participants!

Dr Tan Koh Siang is Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Marine Biology and Ecology Research group at the Tropical Marine Science Institute, National University of Singapore. He has over 15 years experience working with the taxonomy and biology of tropical molluscs in Southeast Asia, and has published widely in international journals.

He is the author of, among many others, the popular BP Science Centre's A Guide to the Common Seashells of Singapore, an invaluable resource for ordinary people on our seashells.

Ordinary people can join the workshop!

Day participants can join the workshop at $25 per half day session. As a day participant you can only attend the lectures and observe some of the lab sessions. Although day participants may not attend field trips or take part in lab sessions, ample time will be given for Q&A after each lecture. You do not need to attend all of the lectures. You can choose which days to attend, but you need to confirm with the organisers again closer to the date of the workshop.

Places for day participants are limited, so register fast!

More details on the workshop on the TMSI website which includes registration forms. Pre-registration is required.

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