20 November 2011

2012 calendar features our wild shores!

I'm honoured and delighted that Singapore's shores are featured in a calendar put together by Kenneth Kee and his amazing company Aardwolf Pestkare.
Kenneth kindly dropped off a bunch of copies this morning! How exciting!

The calendar features some of my favourite shores including of course, Cyrene Reef!
Kenneth had a great idea to insert some photos into holiday dates! What a wonderful way to put even more photos into the calendar!
The calendar also featured a photo of me taken by Jeffrey Low. Thank you Jeff, and so sorry the attribution was not indicated on the calendar. Although Kenneth managed to make me look a lot better than normal, I'm just too embarassed to feature it here.

The cover of the calendar rightly features the amazing team working for the company. They sure do look like a fun and great team!
The people working at the company sure seem to have had a great year!
And here's Kenneth among them. Kenneth is a veteran nature volunteer at Sungei Buloh among others. He has been a great supporter for nature and previous calendars featured work by other nature photographers. I'm honoured to be a part of his good work.
I thank Kenneth and his boss and all at Aardwolf Pestkare for featuring Singapore's wild shores. As their calendar goes out to their many contacts, hopefully more people will learn and care about our shores.

Not only has Aardwolf featured my humble photos, but they've also given a very generous contribution towards transport costs of our field trips. Their gift will be put towards Project Driftnet trips. I'm overwhelmed! Thank you!

What a great way to begin 2012!

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