30 July 2011

More plastic spill on Tanah Merah

The oil-slicked shore of Tanah Merah is now suffering from a spill of plastic.
After checking out the amazing marine life on this shore, Andy and I had a look at the debris strewn on the high water mark.

The spill which extends well inshore in some parts.
There is a big accumulation near the seawall. On top of the seawall, a pile of bags and wood.
It seems the rubbish here is being cleared up. Even the driftwood is being removed. That's good!
Here's a view of the trashline from the top of the seawall. I also saw a spill of plastic on the adjacent Tanah Merah stretch last month. Why is rubbish starting to pile up here now? I don't know.
Despite the plastic and oil spills, there's still some amazing marine life on this shore!


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