10 June 2011

Beting Bronok hit by a ferry

A large ferry ran aground on Beting Bronok on 7 Jun 2011.
According to shipping-data, the FB Falcon Princess
is a 50 dwt passenger ferry.  Photo from shipwrecklog.
Beting Bronok is a lovely submerged reef off Pulau Tekong. During our visit last month, we saw lots of soft corals, rare snails and other marine life.

MPA said "there was no report of any injury or pollution."
FB Falcon Princess grounded on Beting Bronok.
Photo provided by MPA published in the media.

According to news reports, the ferry was on a scheduled trip from Changi Ferry Terminal to Tanjung Belungkor Ferry Terminal when it hit "a large metal pole or structure half-submerged in the water. This had damaged the engine and the bottom of the ferry, causing it to stall."
Click on image for larger view.

It was reported that "MPA said the the ferry captain chose to beach at Pulau Tekong as it was the nearest shallow water area at the time of the incident."

Chek Jawa is another 'shallow water' area along the ferry route.

It will not be possible to estimate the extent of damage to Beting Bronok until the low spring tides start again next week. Let us hope for the best for Beting Bronok.

Boat strikes are a common danger to many of our submerged reefs. We often come across deep gouges on our reefs, and divers often encounter reef damage underwater consistent with boat groundings.

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