08 June 2011

21 Jun (Tue): "The Sea Anemone Lecture" by Dr Daphne Fautin

Dr Daphne Fautin, world authority on sea anemones, is here to conduct a Sea Anemone Workshop (15-21 Jun). She will be giving a public talk at the end of the Workshop.
Dr Daphne on a field trip at Terumbu Semakau to find anemones.
Come for her talk to find out what was discovered at the Workhop!

Latest update from Lin Juanhui on 15 Jun: I am glad to inform you that there's been a change of time and venue for Dr Daphne's upcoming public lecture on the 21st of June (Tue). We would now be having the lecture in Lecture Theatre 23, Faculty of Science at 7pm. Hope that you would still be able to join us as Dr Daphne speaks on the "Hidden treasures of biodiversity: flowers of the marine world (sea anemones)"
Hidden treasures of biodiversity: flowers of the marine world (sea anemones)

Nemo lived in a sea anemone. These animals, which look like harmless flowers, are actually carnivorous that can eat Nemo and other larger prey. My study of Singapore's sea anemone diversity over the past five years suggests that there about 50 shallow-water species and most of them undocumented until recently.

The sea anemone diversity in Singapore waters include one species that can swim and several that can sting humans. The diversity is so high that it was postulated that Singapore has more species of sea anemones than the entire west coast of north America!

In this talk, I will explore questions like: What allows clownfishes to live in such a hostile environment? What factors are responsible for Singapore having a greater diversity of sea anemones than any area its size anywhere in the world? Where else do sea anemones live? And what role do sea anemones play in nature?
The talk is open to the public, all are welcomed. As places are limited, please register your attendance.

Details of Dr Daphne's talk
Date: 21 June 2011 (Tue)
Time: 6pm 7pm
Venue: Seminar Room 1 Block S2, Level 4, Lecture Theatre 23
Science Drive 4,
Dept. of Biological Sciences, NUS
map thanks to N. Sivasothi http://map.sivasothi.com/
Contact: Lin Juanhui linjuanhui@nus.edu.sg


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