14 May 2011

'Massive oil-gas hub' planned in Pengerang, Johor

About 1,000ha of coastal land off Singapore's eastern coast has been earmarked for the development of the RM60 billion (S$24.9 billion) Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (Rapid) complex.
"One of the reasons why Pengerang was chosen is because its waters can reach depths of more than 20m, which is what is needed for very large crude carriers (VLCC) and ultra large crude carriers." The first phase of the project is expected to come on-stream in 2016.

The project will include a RM5 billion deepwater petroleum terminal, a crude oil refinery capable of producing 300,000 barrels per day; a naphtha cracker able to produce 3 million tonnes of ethylene, propylene and butane-to-pentane olefines; and a petrochemicals development which will produce three million tonnes of highly specialised petrochemical products a year.

Also being reassessed, the feasibility of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving and re-gasification terminal in the area to help complement the energy needs of the project.

More details in media reports on wildsingapore news.

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