09 September 2010

7.5 million population: what it means for Chek Jawa and Ubin

It will "not make a huge difference" if Singapore's population were to grow to 7.5 million as "there are still the islands of Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong to fall back on". This is what Dr Liu Thai Ker, former CEO of HDB and URA, is reported to have said when asked what he thought was the "appropriate size" for Singapore's population.
In fact, the book The Next Lap shows the above plan for Ubin and Tekong. It shows industry (in pink) and high density housing (in orange) on both islands, with an MRT line (in red) from the mainland (extending the line which now ends at Pasir Ris).

The Next Lap was published in 1991 and Dr Liu was CEO and Chief Planner of URA at that time. So this is a plan that Dr Liu is probably quite familiar with. According the media article, Dr Liu is currently Chairman of the Centre for Liveable Cities advisory board.

With the massive reclamation that is ongoing right now, Pulau Tekong is already taking on the shape depicted in the plan.
Besides Chek Jawa on Pulau Ubin, there are also special mangroves on Pulau Tekong that are currently being restored.

Assurances have been given that Chek Jawa will not be reclaimed so long as it is not needed. But when Singapore's population grows large enough, the need will probably arise.

We can't take any of our shores for granted!

You can make a difference! Simply explore, express and ACT!

Come to Chek Jawa and see it for yourself while you can! Better yet, make a difference and volunteer for Chek Jawa. Volunteers are always sorely needed. Be a volunteer guide to share this wonderful place with as many people as possible while we can.

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