09 July 2010

Mega Marine Survey of Singapore!

What do we have on our shores? We will soon find out as NParks has launched a Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Survey!
Mega Marine Survey of Singapore
And ordinary people too can make a difference by volunteering for this Mega Marine Survey.

Spanning three years, this huge effort aims to survey all our mudflats, intertidal areas, coral reefs and even the sea bed of Singapore!

How will the data be collected?
There will be field surveys of our shores! Lots of opportunities to get muddy, wet and find out what is out there. After which, findings have to sorted, catalogued. Photos will be taken in the field and in the lab. Experts will be needed to help identify what was seen.
To achieve this enormous effort, all those who love our marine life will be involved! Including scientists and experts from RMBR, TMSI, NUS, NTU. As well as NGOs such as Nature Society, Blue Water Volunteers and others affiliated with the Singapore Blue Plan. Ordinary people too will be welcomed to contribute in the effort!

How can ordinary people volunteer help?
Volunteers are needed for these tasks
  • Outdoor field sampling and collection, and field photography/videography: diving and non-diving (intertidal).
  • Indoor laboratory photography.
  • Indoor specimen processing: cleaning, sorting, cataloguing.
  • Indoor database and data entry support.
  • And do let us know of any other ways that you might want to help.
Intertidal field work can get very messy!

What will happen to the data collected?

It will go into a public national database that will be open to all.

The first surveys are expected to start next month, when NParks will also launch an official website for the Comprehensive Marine Biodivesity Survey.

If you would like to volunteer for this survey effort, please register your interest in this form and you will be invited to join the mailing list to receive updates on the Mega Marine Survey.

Looking forward to an exciting time learning more about our shores!

Full report about the survey.

Update: There is now a blog and facebook page dedicated to the Mega Marine Survey. Find out more about the latest happenings there.


  1. Hi Ria, thanks for the 'lobang'. I just registered myself. Cheers!

  2. Have registered as an Underwater Photographer, hoping my limited skill is needed... can't wait for the survey to begin.

  3. Wonderful to have your support Ian and James! Yes, me too! I can't wait for the surveys to begin!

  4. Wow! This is cool! Thanks Ria for sharing! I've just registered myself. :)

  5. Great to have you on board Kah Ming!

  6. i wonder if i could sign up to be a volunteer as a student who is very interested and at the same time wants to earn some cip points? -amy

  7. Yes Amy, do join the Survey! More details on the Survey blog



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