17 April 2010

More flaring up at Pulau Bukom

We arrived on Pulau Hantu before sunrise. It was dark, yet there was an unearthly glow in the sky.
It's the massive flaring at Pulau Bukom's petrochemical plants.

Pulau Hantu is right next to Pulau Bukom, only a narrow strip of water separates the reefs of Pulau Hantu from the petrochemical plants on Bukom.
Besides the huge flare, there was also a series of steaming emissions at the base. Something not quite visible in daylight. Not in the photo, the high pitched overpowering sound that constantly filled the air during the flaring.
The lagoon across from the flare is full of marine life. Here's the team looking at a Magnificent sea anemone, which is large and indeed magnificent.
There are also large hard corals in the lagoon.
As well as enormous leathery soft corals and seagrasses.
At sunrise, the pink dawn was outshone by the flare.
The flaring kept on going even while we were exploring the rich reefy parts of Pulau Hantu beyond the seawall.
And occasionally, plumes of black smoke came up with the flare.
Even as we headed back with the turning tide, the flaring kept on.
Here's a series of large leathery soft corals on the shore opposite the flare.
As we left the island, there was a group of people having a picnic, with the flaring going on behind them.
A last look at the flaring as we headed home on our boat.
And a really good look at the huge flare as the boat got up closer.
Here's the idyllic island of Pulau Hantu, as we headed home.
Let's hope the marvellous marine life found there will not be too badly affected by the flaring at Pulau Bukom.

Andy has just posted this video WITH SOUND of the flaring at Pulau Bukom.

flare from BeachBum on Vimeo.

Thanks Andy!


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