30 October 2009

Wildfacts updates: October sightings

It's supposed to be the 'slow' period for intertidal explorers as spring tides are not so frequent or so low. Yet, we STILL find new and interesting marinelife!
James shares this photo of a yet-to-be-identified pink spotted sea cucumber that the team found at Tanah Merah. Our first for the location, although it has been seen on the reefs of Sisters Island, Pulau Semakau and the submerged reef near Semakau.

Other marvellous first-for-Tanah Merah encounters include the pretty Tiger moon snail (Natica tigrina), the seldom seen File clam (Lima lima) with a ring of fleshy tentacles, the beige flatworm that looks like phlegm, and a tiny star which Kok Sheng identified as a Rock star (Asterina coronata). All these photos are by James.
More photos by James of some first fish sightings for Tanah Merah. A pipefish, the Blue-spotted fantail ray (Taeniura lymma) and a Spotted scat (Scatophagus argus)!
Marcus shared photos of some amazing fish sightings at Tanah Merah, including a tiny razorfish (Family Centriscidae) and a Remora (Family Echeneidae). The Remora has a sucker at the top of its head, which is used to hitch a ride on the underside of sharks, sea turtles and even boats. But Remoras can swim quite well on their own. We're not sure how this one ended up in the Tanah Merah lagoon.
At Tanah Merah, Chay Hoon found this tiny little sea star (I'm not sure what kind it is), and ominously, another gianormous Stonefish (Synanceia horrida).
Kok Sheng found lots of animals and these are photos he shared of some first additions to the list for the sites. The bright red Dendrodoris fumata was seen on Pasir Ris, the flatworm with the black bars and red stripe (Maritigrella virgulata) was seen on Semakau, and the pretty Streaked rabbitfish (Siganus javus) at Tanah Merah.
Our shores are worth exploring even on an 'off-season'.

Thanks to those who found the critters, and who took photos and shared about them!
See all the photos in full glory and read about the recent adventures on these blogs:
And we welcome the latest addition to the bloggers on our trip: Michell and her Begin from Home blog!

I'd gladly include your sightings in the wild fact sheets. Just email me, Ria at hello@wildsingapore.com.

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