08 October 2009

Vietnam halts sand exports to Singapore

Although some say the ban is not expected to affect construction in Singapore, one source said there will be an impact as 25% of our sand supply comes from Vietnam each month.
Barges carrying sand
Unlike the Indonesian ban on sand exports, the Vietnamese ban did not appear to have political undertones. Instead, the ban is primarily due to the environmental degradation that sand extraction caused to the Mekong River, such as major landslips along rivers.

Where does the sand for Singapore's reclamation come from?

According to the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), the Government buys such sand through private contractors "who in turn obtain the sand from diverse sources in various countries, so as to enhance the reliability of supply".

The BCA said recent restrictions on sand exports have not affected the supply of construction sand as the industry has been importing "from various countries in the region".

Full report: Vietnam halts sand exports to Singapore Tan Hui Leng Today Online 8 Oct 09.

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