21 October 2009

How much damage does marine litter cause? US$1billion

A new report for the 21 APEC economies reveals a conservative estimate of damage caused by marine litter to be US$1.265 billion.
Accumulations of plastic on Tanah Merah, seen in Oct 09

This does NOT include costs to wildlife, loss of tourism and lost capital development opportunities, like building a hotel or resort. It also does NOT include the clean-up bill.

The report, commissioned by the Marine Resource Conservation working group of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), used a Japanese economic model which estimates the damage caused by marine debris costs governments close to 0.3% of their GDP every year.

Some recommendations of the report
  • That governments focus more on preventing rubbish entering our waterways, instead of trying to control it once it gets there.
  • Recycling, especially of plastic "really needs attention and thought". A good strategy is to reimburse people who recycle plastic bottles.
  • Building nets at the end of estuaries, where rivers or streams meet the ocean, to catch any debris before it makes its way into open water.
Other facts
  • 6.4 million tonnes of debris reaches the world's oceans each year.
  • Of that 80% is thought to come from land based sources.
  • Poor landfill practices are big contributors to marine debris, especially in Asia.
  • The amount of marine debris in oceans is growing with the world's population.
Full article about the report on the wildsingapore news blog.

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