05 September 2009

Caseolaris in the dark (with bats?)

Since the Berembang was blooming today at Sungei Buloh, I thought perhaps the wild Berembang at Woodlands might also be in bloom.
I decided to have a look at the trees there at first dark. And wow, they were in bloom!

Unfortunately, the tree with branches that were lower didn't have any flowers about to bloom. Although it had a lot of buds. The other tree which was much taller, had lots of flowers.
But it was really tall! And my lens is feeble, and the flash lame, not to mention the flashlight didn't quite light things up well, so focusing was tricky. Neverthelss, got lots of grainy photos.

The Berembang (Sonneratia caseolaris) flower has skinny red petals and like the other Sonneratia, lots of white stamens. Though for the Berembang, the stamens are supposed to be pink at the base. On the left a flower about to bloom. On the right, one that has already bloomed.
There were also lots of fruits forming on the branches.
And in the half hour that I was there, this bud started to blossom! Too bad about the twig right across it. I guess I was too early for the show.
A smallish flying critter was also early. It kept going to this one spot in the tree. Of course I tried to take a picture of it. But failed miserably. Only two hands for camera and flashlight, no tripod, and attempting to photograph something nearly two storeys away. My over craned neck quit after a while.
When I got home, I looked more closely at this hot spot. And noticed lots of shed stamens stuck among the branches.
I have very strong suspicions that I've been looking at a little bat!

Well, manlier photographers than I shall have to take THAT photo.

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