25 August 2009

Whale shark 'hacked into pieces' in Johor

A singaporean shared photos of a whale shark being hacked into pieces on a jetty south of Johor, Malaysia.
"I was there having lunch with some friends at a seafood restaurant when a local walked in and told the boss that a big shark was caught.

"I did not give much thought to it until the workers who went there to see came back and told their fellow colleagues that the shark was as big as a pick-up.

According to the eye-witness, the catch could have been the joint efforts of three fishing boats which had brought the big fish in from the South China Sea, as he overheard in murmuring conversations from the crowd.

Full article on the wildsingapore news blog.


  1. Oh man, that's so sickening and it happens in my country! :-(

  2. How can they do such a thing!! Don't the fisherman knows its an endangered species!! So many other fish to catch to a point you just catch something cos its BIG?...What kinda idiots are they!?...now one less WHALE SHARK in the universe!.. Stupid fisherman!

  3. To them, it is just a fish with "gold fin". hopefully Malaysia will pass the law to stop shark-finning and the killing shall stop (at least reduce).

  4. Shark fin belongs on sharks not on a menu if this is the price we pay to obtain it. As I child I thought the ocean held monsters, as an adult I realise we are the monsters. Shark finning and whaling have no place in the modern age.
    Thank you for sharing this story Ria



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