28 July 2009

Sea turtles of the Coral Triangle and Singapore

Maps of the secret life of sea turtles have been produced by WWF. These maps are the first to bring together the different life cycle movements, migration routes, foraging grounds, and nesting sites of green, hawksbill and leatherback turtles.

The maps highlight the inter-connectedness of marine habitats making a strong case for cooperation among Coral Triangle countries for the protection of shared marine resources in the region.

Is Singapore part of these sea turtles' life?

The map for the leatherbacks (dark blue line) doesn't seem to pass through our waters. The red dotted line is the boundary of the Coral Triangle.
The map for the hawksbill turtles (brown lines) are thick in the Straits of Malacca and wind all over the Riaus near our waters.
The map for the green turtles (green lines) meander all around our waters and the South China Sea.
The maps were produced with the help of satellite tracking, and allow the identification and targeting of areas in urgent need of protection.

Full media reports on the wildsingapore news blog and WWF website.

Some of the maps on the WWF website could not load up on my computer. So I didn't go through all of them.

More about sea turtles and Singapore on Sea turtle connection: Sentosa and Pulau Upeh with updated list of sea turtle sightings in Singapore.

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