30 July 2009

Other shores explored in the last low of July

While I was slogging it out with the Anemone Army, other intrepid shore explorers have been checking out other shores during the recent series of super low tides in July!
Kok Sheng checked out the East Coast and found it to be packed with sea fans! in amazing colours and shapes, with a bewildering variety of animals living on them.

Even the sandy shores were full of surprises such as rarey sea stars and snails. Read all about them on Kok Sheng's wonderful creation blog.
Kok Sheng also led a walk out to Tanah Merah with yet more astounding views of the marvellous coral gardens there.
Including octopus and even a clown anemonefish in an anemone!
There's more life on the sandy shores of Tanah Merah, shared by Kok Sheng on his wonderful creation blog, and Serene on her You run, we GEOG blog and James on his Singapore Nature blog.

Other shore trips and work done on the shores during the last super lows in July included
While Mendis shared First sightings of Waders at Sungei Buloh and first arrivals of Whimbrels and Redshanks on his Mendis' World blog.


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