03 July 2009

Gate to Labrador rocky shore permanently locked from 10 Jun 09

Labrador shore is our last mainland location with a reef, seagrass meadows, rocky shore and coastal cliffs.
Living classroom: Labrador shore
It was a favourite destination for school trips. Many kids probably had their early encounters with their own shores on Labrador.
Living classroom: Labrador shore
Unfortunately, this shore has been severely impacted by massive works nearby at Pasir Panjang and Sentosa. It is probably good to give it a rest.

Thanks to the alert by Siva on his Labrador blog and Andy: From the NParks Labrador page click on link 'History and Attractions'
*The rocky beach is a fragile marine ecosystem which needs preservation. Gate to the rocky beach will be permanently locked from 10 June 09 onwards.

**For group visit, please write to Nparks_mailbox@nparks.gov.sg with the title 'Application for Visiting Labrador beach' , and furnish following details. Date and time of visit, no. of people, activity detail, organisation name, address and tel no.; contact person's name and h/p no.

There is also a gate to the jetty where fishing takes place on the Labrador shore.
Pulau Bukom from Labrador
I wonder whether the gate to the fishing jetty will also be locked?

I checked out Labrador last month (May 09) and here's a post on the trip including details of the issues impacting this shore and many links to more information about Labrador.

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