15 June 2009

Wild snakes eating in nature: new flickr group

A recently formed flickr group features photos of snakes hunting, capturing, and consuming prey in the wild. I like it that the group does not allow photos of pet snakes eating, and focuses on wild snakes doing their thing.
Dog-faced watersnake (Cerberus rhynchops)
Pregilla kindly invited me to include photos of our dog-faced water snake (Cerberus rhynchops) chomping down. Including one eating a seemingly impossible large fish, which I took during Sijie's study on these snakes in 2007. Wow, the photos sure do bring back memories!

More about the Snakes eating in nature flickr group
Flickr provides an opportunity to build a network of observations of snakes feeding in the nature. This allows us to see examples of the diverse hunting methods and types of prey taken by snakes.

Snakes have a fascinating range of adaptations that allow them to capture and consume their prey. These include fangs to deliver venom, constriction, caudal luring, and more. Their prey is also extremely variable both within and between snake species.

Please include as much information as possible in each observation, including the date, time and locations of the observation, any any other notes you may have on the observation, such as the weather or how long it took the snake to consume its prey.

So if you have suitable photos, do drop by the flickr group and share your photos and sighting information with them.

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  1. Ria,

    Thanks for the blog post about the snakes eating group!

    Very interesting blog, and great photos!




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