24 June 2009

1,300 balloons released at Siloso Beach, Sentosa

I was disturbed to learn that Kotex released over 1,300 balloons at Siloso Beach on 20 Jun.
Ivan shared this on his Lazy Lizard Tales blog.

Kotex conducted this activity to correct the situation of "women falling behind when it comes to awareness on body knowledge". Alas, it seems Kotex is the one falling behind in awareness of the body of Mother Earth. They seem unaware that balloon releases kill marine life and here's some examples.

It is indeed, as Ivan puts it, a case of corporate-sanctioned mass littering.

Read Ivan's blog post for more thoughts and links.

See also Dee Kay Dot As Gee's Kotex – Setting a new Singapore record in polluting the environment thru mass balloon release

Here's a media report on the event:

A day of sun, sand and super fun DJs
Genevieve Loh, TODAY Channel NewsAsia 22 Jun 09;

SINGAPORE: With the sweltering weather we’ve been experiencing this past month, Singapore was practically begging for a beach party. Thankfully, MediaCorp Radio 987FM was only too happy to help out.

Saturday’s Life’s a Beach saw crowds of bikini babes and hunky monkeys converge at Siloso Beach for the inaugural beach party, jointly organised by 987FM and Sentosa.

The party, aimed at those aged between 12 and 25 years old, featured performances by local bands like Wicked Aura Batucada, Plain Sunset and Electrico, as well as beach games with the station’s DJs like Daniel Ong, Rosalyn Lee, Shan Wee and The Muttons (Justin Ang and Vernon A).

“We’ve been wanting to do a beach party like this for the last five to eight years, but we never got around to doing it,” said Ong, also the programme director of 987FM.

“We realised that there really was no event for the youth of Singapore, and what better time to do one than now? Something to lift the spirits of both the young and old. A wholesome party for all ages.”

And party from noon till midnight they did. From teenagers and university students to newlyweds and families, the crowd - dressed in full beach gear - participated in crazy games like Kotex Giant Twister and a raucous nine-a-side tug-of-war, winning prizes such as Samsung mobile phones along the way.

They also got to witness a new Singapore Record for the most number of “secrets” set free when 1,300 “Kotex Myths and Secrets” balloons - with confessions from the crowd tagged to them - were released into the evening sky, kicking off six hours of live music.

“This is going to be our station’s benchmark event,” said Ong.

“We plan to do one every year! (Next year’s event) is already in the works, and it’s going to be bigger and better, with more booths, more activities and more acts.

“We’re already in talks with the record companies and we’re most likely going to be getting international and regional acts to perform alongside our local acts.

“It’s going to be great.”

- TODAY/yb


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