09 May 2009

Bunker spill 800 metres of Sentosa on 1 May 09

I just learnt that there was a spill off Sentosa on 1 May. A report says this has affected the shores of Sentosa and Labrador. Other shores nearby include Cyrene Reefs.

I could not find a report about this in our media or on MPA's or NEA's website. But here's some details from elsewhere. Thanks to Kok Sheng for the heads up on this.

Bunker spill off Singapore cleared
Spill occurred 800 metres of Sentosa in Singapore
Siti Adawiah, PortWorld News 4 May 09;
A minor bunker spill off Singapore has been successfully cleared over the weekend, the port authority said Monday.

Singapore-registered bunker barge Global Duri was supplying bunkers to a Panama-registered vessel when 300 litres of bunker fuel was spilled on Friday.

The spill occurred at the Western Working Anchorage where the reefer cargo ship MV Meita Maru was anchored, some 800 metres from Sentosa, an island in the southern part of Singapore.

According to Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), clean-up operations were successfully completed on Saturday.

"There are no more signs of spilled oil at the anchorage and fairway," an MPA spokesperson told Bunkerworld Monday.

MPA had dispatched five patrol and emergency response craft to the affected area, with the first craft arriving within 15 minutes after the incident were reported. Three contractor craft were also deployed.

Singapore's National Environmental Agency (NEA) and Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) have also confirmed that the rockbunds off Labrador Park and Sentosa that were affected by some light patches of oil have been cleaned.

Sentosa’s beaches, which are popular with locals and tourists, were not affected, the SDC said.

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  1. Yes, Kok Sheng and I were discussing this yesterday evening. It's really puzzling as to why there's been so little news about this matter. Most of the links lead to subcription-only sites.



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