05 April 2009

Checking up on the Avicennia marina at Semakau

Today, we had a look at the two large Api api jambu (Avicennia marina) trees, which are listed as 'Critically Endangered' on the Red List of threatened plants of Singapore. There are not many mature trees of this species in Singapore.
These trees are about 2-3m tall, and when I last saw them in January, they were quite happy and healthy.
Today, both of them were in full bloom! Every branch seemed to bear flowers!Here's a closer look at the typical bloom: larger flowers crowded at the tips, on squarish stems.Some branches were already bearing fruits.A closer look at the rounded fruits of this tree. Another feature of this special tree is the greenish bark and the very long skinny pneumatophores.

Alas, something seems to be affecting the leaves of both trees.
The young leaves were all curled up and twisted.I don't know what's causing this and hope it doesn't affect the trees too badly.


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