18 February 2009

New Facebook group: "Bad Idea for Whale Shark in Sentosa IR"

To help create awareness of what Sentosa is planning on doing, this Facebook group was started by Meng Will.A recent comment includes one by Shuying Hu who says "Whalesharks that people attempted to keep in captivity died most of the time. I hope they will never attempt it, it will break my heart. Whalesharks are the gentlest creatures I've ever encountered."

With currently about 50 members, visit the "Bad Idea for Whale Shark in Sentosa IR" Facebook group to find out more.

I did a quick search for other facebook groups about the issue, and here's another one:

Singaporeans for Sharks (lovesharks.sg)
This is a specialised group for Singaporeans who pledge against the cruel and wasteful slaughter of sharks for shark fin around the world. This year we will also be looking at whale sharks in captivity for the Sentosa Resort World oceanarium.
Upcoming campaigns in 2009 will cover:
- Alternatives to shark fin this Chinese New Year
- Shark finning and shark fin consumption
- Whale sharks in captivity at Resorts World Sentosa
Check out the blog at http://www.lovesharks.sg

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