02 January 2009

Whale stranded in Sumatra

A one-ton whale was stranded on Bengkulu, Sumatra.
As the whale was weak from a head wound, the villagers who found it killed and ate it.

Whale stranded on Jakat beach, Bengkulu
Antara 31 Dec 08;
Bengkulu, (ANTARA News) - A whale estimated to weigh more than a ton was found stranded at the Jakat Beach, Bengkulu, on Tuesday, with a serious injury to its head possibly caused by a collision with a coral rock.

The giant mammal, which was still alive but very weak due to the wound, was found by Buyung Pesong, a local fisherman.

Pesong suspected that rough waves had tossed the whale against a coral reef.

He and other fishermen later decided to kill the whale and cut the meat into pieces for consumption by local villagers.

According to Pesong, the whale was too weak to survive, besides the whale`s meat would help fishermen and their families as rough waves and strong wind had prevented them for fishing over the past one week.

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