17 January 2009

Ocean Conference at ADEX Singapore 3-4 Apr 09

Topics to be covered include: Aquariums & Oceanariums, Marine Eco Tourism, Regenerating Reefs, Climate Change with speakers such as Prof Chou Loke Ming, Neville Coleman, Michael Aw.

Ocean Conference is a special focus conference for companies with strong environmental stewardship, conservationists, passionate divers, marine enthusiasts and underwater photographers.

It is the first and largest event of its kind in Singapore where 8 internationally renowned experts will convene to offer professional insight into various aspects of the vast marine environment. 150 delegates from around the world are expected at Ocean Conference.

3 April 2009 - Friday
  • Opening address – The Ocean In Perspective: Emory Kristof
  • Underwater Rainforests – The Challenges of Preserving Coral Reefs: Helen Newman/ Mark Erhmann
  • Marine Eco Tourism - The Asia/Indo-Pacific Marine Life Inventory: Neville Coleman
  • Regenerating Reefs – Facts and Fallacies: Prof Chou Loke Ming
  • Changing the Face of Ocean Terror: Michael Aw
4 Aprl 2009 - Saturday
  • Marine Tourism – Boon and Bane, Advantages or Nuisances: Neville Coleman (Chair), Helen Newman, Henrik Nimb, Yatin Premchand
  • Climate Change, Coral Reefs & Scuba Diver: Prof Chou Loke Meng (Chair), Henrik Nimb, Howard Shaw, Mark Erdmann
  • Aquariums & Oceanariums - Contentious Issues: Emory Kristof (Chair), Henrik Nimb, Neville Coleman, Yatin Premchand
  • Carbon’s Footprint and its Effects on the Ocean: Howard Shaw
  • Projecting Green Branding, Mere Advertising or True CSR?: Howard Shaw (Chair), Helen Newman, Neville Coleman, Michael Aw
Dates: 3 and 4 April 2009
Time: 3 April, 2.00pm – 5.30pm, Conference Sessions;
4 April, 9.30am – 5.00pm, Conference Sessions & Panel Discussion
Venue: Suntec Singapore, 602-603

More details on the ADEX website.

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