17 January 2009

Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) and Roots and Shoots, Singapore

From their latest newsletter, the JGIS is recruiting a new General Manager as well as looking for Board Members. They are also looking for volunteers to coordinate and assist with their events.
JGIS also has a facebook group.

Read their latest newsletter for all the details!

More about the JGIS Singapore on the Asia is Green website.


  1. hi, was wondering why i couldn't access JGIS newsletter. do you know where else can i go to so to take a look at it? thank you!

  2. I'm not sure why you can't access the newsletter. Unfortunately, I don't know where else it is available online.

    You might want to send them an email via their facebook group? Or contact Richard at hartung@starhub.net.sg about your issues?

    Hope one of these options works.

  3. hi, have contacted Richard. thanks! :)



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