30 December 2008

Massive reclamation at Tuas continues until Jul 09

Reclamation affects an area about the size of Sentosa
Here's a google earth map for comparison.A tiny fragment of the original shore at Tuas that escaped reclamation is being monitored by volunteers of Schering Plough as part of the TeamSeagrass effort. Here's more about the latest monitoring trip at Tuas.

Reclamation work at Tuas View Extension
from Port Marine Notice No. 221 OF 2008 dated 26 Dec 08
This is a revision of Port Marine Notice No. 121 of 2008. The working period has been extended.

With effect from 7 Jan 09 to 6 Jul 09, 24 hours daily including Sundays and Public Holidays at the Western part of Singapore (see above plan).

The reclamation works involve shore protection and other ancillary works by the crane barges. The grab dredgers will be carrying out dredging, and the trailer-hopper-suction dredgers and hopper barges will be deployed to deposit reclamation materials. The crane barges and grab dredgers will be held in position by 4-point anchor mooring. Soil investigation will be carried out by the jack-up barges periodically. Further general enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr T Watanabe, the construction manager, at Tel No: 9668 1523, email: t.watanabe@mypenta.net

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