25 December 2008

30 mystery submerged reefs in Singapore!

Kok Sheng has done a fabulous post on his wonderful creations blog about the 30 mysterious submerged reefs of Singapore. These reefs are submerged at high tide, marked only by beacons and the odd bits here and there that stick out above the water. Many are close to industrial areas.
Cyrene Reef at high tide
Kok Sheng has painstakingly pinned the locations on a google map and followed through the fate of many of them.

Find out where they are, what happened to many of them and which are the ones that still remain.

Kok Sheng would love to hear from those who have visited any of these submerged reefs. Visit his blog to share your stories.

I do hope to be able to visit some of these mysterious reefs in 2009!

Thanks Kok Sheng, for a fantastic post! This is most inspiring!

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