04 October 2008

Short Attention Span Science Theater

Got no time? Can't stand long-winded explanations? Microdocs is for you!

Thanks to a heads up from blogfish, check out these 2-4 minute microdocs on marine issues on Stanford University's website. It has quick videos, short notes on sustainability, species on coral reefs and solutions around the world.

Billed as "The Short Attention Span Science Theater on Ecological Sustainability", some topics include

Sustainability on coral reefs
  • how reefs protect the land
  • reefs & resorts
  • the sea is green
  • little fish
  • crown-of-thorns
  • how much reef do you need
  • it really sucks being a tuna
  • coral bleaching
  • city vs village fishing
  • big fish
  • global warming
Species on coral reefs
  • what is a coral
  • 4 kinds of coral reef
  • reef structure
  • manta ray
  • the solar powered clam
  • life cycle of the conch
Solutions around the world
  • research
  • protecting reefs
  • marine parks
  • MPA
Each topic has lots of reference links too.

Check out microdocs for yourself.

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